Arun Vasudeva


Product Design and UX, Strategy, Leadership

I help make better products through research, design and collaboration.

Whom I've worked with

Creating compelling and effective experiences

By building an understanding of users and their needs, the most effective interfaces can be created for the task in hand.

I’ve created experiences on web, mobile, tablet, wearables, voice interfaces and VR.

Let's Code

Increasing customer retention and engagement

Through a combination of qualitative and quantitative analysis methods, including analytics and remote testing tools, I answer the what, why and how, in order to identify the areas with the greatest impact at each stage of product development.

Design, from first concepts to post-release

From teasing out viable hypotheses from first concepts, to obsessing over seemingly-trivial details of a mature product, I've learned ways to add value at each project phase.

Leadership, mentoring, and creative facilitation

As well as extensive experience as a team leader, I also act as a mentor to upcoming designers, and served as a a design mentor on Pearson’s startup incubator programme.

I’ve also run Lean design and innovation workshops with company leaders and visionaries, and spoken at conferences.

Some of the projects I've worked on

I've worked on a wide range of projects on numerous platforms, from identity management to mobile TV, 3D painting to automated stock trading, collaborative tools to mobile learning games.